Reinventing Pain Relief for Work and Auto Injuries

We provide telehealth and home therapy for personal injury and worker's compensation patients. Prescribed online. Delivered to you.

3 Easy Steps

Answer a few simple questions about your injury

Decide together which products and services are best for you using your smartphone

Receive your prescribed home therapy solution fast and free at your doorstep. Your progress is remotely monitored by our doctor

Car Work Accident?

Heal At Home.

Imagine this…get pain relief at home without ever stepping foot in a doctor’s office! This is a new, innovative way to look at pain care for work and auto injuries. is eliminating the physical barriers to care with telehealth and home therapy. We offer a wide variety of products and programs specifically designed and delivered to you. This allows you to heal at home on your own time with our doctor’s guidance. 

It's About You

Long doctor’s visits, busy waiting rooms, and time consuming follow-ups are a thing of the past. Enjoy fast and easy access to reliable doctors and healthcare professionals using your smartphone.

Who Pays The Bill?

No cost to you. No co-pay for you. Free delivery. We bill your insurance claim, not you. It is required that worker’s compensation and auto carriers pay all medical bills. Our patients will never have an out-of-pocket cost. Just relax and focus on getting better!

Let's Talk About It

It’s our goal to give you the freedom to heal at home! Some injuries may require additional access to care. No worries! We can make it happen. Our doctor will discuss with you if a specialty referral maybe the best fit. If needed, we will refer you to a chiropractor, physical therapist, pain management doctor, orthopedist, or MRI in your area.

Pain Relief Products and Services

We provide the tools to get you better! Some of our home therapy protocols include: brings everything in a therapy facility to your doorstep.  Whether its back, neck, shoulder, knee, or ankle pain, we can help!

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Free Consultation, Free Products, Free Delivery

Innovative Products

Our pain relief services will work alone, or compliment your current treatment to mitigate symptoms and speed your overall recovery time.

No Cost or Co-Pay

Free consultation.
Free products.
Free delivery.


Our licensed and accredited facility provides high end, FDA approved, prescribed clinical products and programs used by 100’s of 1000’s of health professionals and patients worldwide.


You don't even have to leave your couch! Products in stock and ready for immediate shipment to your doorstep.


We accept open worker’s compensation and auto claims. For your convenience we also work on attorney liens.

View The Products We Offer Our Patients For Recovery!

“I was injured at work and had a lot of back pain. was able to get me an orthopedic back brace right away. And provide me with an at home exercise program. Telehealth made the process so easy. I am very pleased with the service and care. The customer service was fabulous! I’d recommend them to anyone.”

Maria J.

“The team member I dealt with was phenomenal. She gave me a clear understanding on how to use my TENS unit and conductive neck wrap on a video chat. What a big difference is making in my recovery!”

Sean S.

Patient Testimonials

After an Auto or Work Injury,

Finding pain relief shouldn't be an obstacle course. We Make it Simple.

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