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We're committed to transforming injury care with telehealth and home therapy

Under Served

A large number of worker's compensation and auto injuries go untreated every year throughout Texas, Pennsylvania, and the rest of the U.S. We are trying to change that. We believe treatment for these patients needs to be easier, faster, and on your time. Care should be done without pulling out your wallet or getting in your car.

Over Prescribed

Pain medication isn’t the answer. It is an epidemic. Our vision is drug-free, innovative pain relief products and services, so patients can heal safely and correctly.

Save Time

Your time is important. We feel doctor visits, pharmacy trips, and hassling with insurance companies can be a distant memory. Our dedicated staff and doctors will work hard to make sure each individual patient can enjoy a speedy recovery, and get back to the life they deserve.

A Message From the Founder

“It’s our belief that we can empower patients to take control of their healthcare with the right tools and a doctor’s guidance.”

Go-telehealth.com was founded by Dr. Eric Homa, DC. For the past 12 years, Dr. Homa has been a clinic practitioner specializing in auto and work related injuries. Through clinical trial and study, Dr. Homa concluded there is a better way for patients to take control of their own healthcare. It is his belief that you can empower patients to heal by helping them understand their injuries, providing the correct instruments, and if possible, enabling patients to treat their ailments on their own time, at home. He believes a large number of patients can be effectively treated without traditional doctor visits, saving the patient both time and energy. With the input from numerous professionals, medical providers, specialists, and the technology of today’s telehealth platforms, he developed Go-telehealth.com.

Meet Our Team!

“It's our belief that we can empower patients to take control of their healthcare with the right tools and a doctor's guidance.”
Eric Homa
"We work with insurance companies directly, so our patients don't have to worry about payments"
Pamela Jolly
Medical Billing Specialist
"People's time is valuable, our telehealth platform is quick and easy to use”

Amber Homa
VP of Operations
After an Auto or Work Injury,

Finding pain relief shouldn't be an obstacle course. We Make it Simple.

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