Do You Have Knee Pain?

Suffering from work related knee pain? PA Worker’s  Compensation approved knee braces can provide an effective non-invasive, non-surgical solution for knee pain relief. offer the highest quality knee braces. is a licensed and accredited  DME suppliers. No Cost To You! If you qualify, our team will promptly handle all work comp paperwork for you.  Your knee brace will be delivered …

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TENS with Conductive Garment to Relieve Whiplash Pain

Whiplash Treatment Conductive Neck Garments when used with a TENS unit have been found to be an effective treatment, in combination with traditional therapy for whiplash pain.  Conductive neck garments support, add warmth, and provide electrotherapy stimulation through a TENS unit to areas of the neck and spine that are difficult to reach. The Symptoms of …

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TENS to Relieve Work Related Pain At Home

TENS is placed right over the area in pain caused by your work related injury. It works by producing electrical pulses which travel to the brain faster than the body’s pain signals, thus blocking the pain symptoms. It also encourages the body to release its own natural pain relieving endorphins. For information:

Common Work Injury?

Back Injuries Back injuries are one of the most common work-related injuries and can also be one of the most serious. Many times a single event, such as lifting a heavy box, will result in a back injury. Work that requires repetitive motions like bending or lifting may also cause back injuries. Sometimes, workers may …

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Differences in Electrotherapy: TENS, IF, MICRO, and EMS

Before discussing the differences in Electrotherapy, there needs to be a complete understanding of how it actually works. Electrotherapy is a frequently prescribed treatment modality with the ability to target a multitude of acute and chronic musculoskeletal aliments. Electrotherapy quite simply transfers a measured, safe electrical current from a power source device to the soft …

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Whiplash symptoms

The early symptoms of whiplash usually develop 12-24 hours following an accident or blow involving hyperextension of the soft tissue of the neck. Even swelling or bruising will not be evident right at the time of incident/accident. Discomfort, pain and stiffness may worsen the next day and progressively become worse with each succeeding day. Studies have …

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