How to Choose the Correct Back Support or Back Brace

IMPORTANT. Back supports or back braces are an integral part of the healing process when your low back is injured.  It is very difficult to pick one brace or support to encompass all low back injuries or conditions. There are different types of supports that focus on specific parts of your back and specific conditions.  The hard part is to match up the right back brace or support with the diagnosed low back condition.  It is also important to consider how the low back was injured.  Did you lift something heavy at work?  Did you slip on a wet floor? Or did you get in a car accident? has the brace or support that fits your needs!

CHEAPER DOESN’T MEAN BETTER.  When you are injured at work it is often your first reaction to buy a cheap, over-the-counter support at the local store or pharmacy.  This may be the wrong choice.  It has been shown that some of these braces actually cause more damage than good.  When using a back brace for a condition it was not meant to treat, pain could get worse. No one wants to be in more pain!

FIRST THINGS FIRST.  Following a work accident or auto collision, make an appointment with a doctor that is skilled in low back injuries.  Have this profession determine what is wrong with your back. Studies show some of the common low back injuries from WORK COMP and AUTO INJURIES include: Lumbar Sprain/Strain, Sacroiliac Sprain/Strain, lumbar bulging disc, lumbar disc protrusion, lumbar disc herniation, piriformis symptom, Lumbago, ligamentous laxity, sacro iliac joint dysfunction, loss of lordosis, to name a few.  Most of these conditions can be treated, in part, by using the proper low back brace or support.  With the right back brace, you can get the pain relief you are looking for.  Support, stability, soothing warmth, compression, and cushioning.  Directens can provide all of this!!

LET US DO THE WORK. has a department of medical providers and industry professionals that can help you get the right brace or support for your condition.  We are the leading provider of Back Brace for work comp patients and auto injury patients.  Are staff will  work hand in hand with your doctor and insurance carrier to get you the brace you need.  And our  process is entirely online.  Website forms will only take you a few minutes.


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