Back Brace covered by Work Comp

Back Pain #1 reported injury
Today, back pain is the number one reported injury in America.  It is also the number one reason Americans miss work. Fortunately, for those involved in a work related accident and have back pain there are ways to get help. A medical grade back brace maybe the answer.

Causes of Back Pain
Your back pain can range from a dull ache that won’t go away, to sudden sharp pains that suddenly “strike” you when you try to move or bend over. There are many root causes for back pain including sprain/strains, bulging disc, pinched nerves, facet joint syndrome, sciatica, muscle spasm. In the United States, work injury (work comp) in the #1 cause of back pain. Can help relieve Back Pain
Directens is the #1 online service providing at home pain relief products for those in Pennsylvania Work Comp accidents. Directens offers a wide variety of products for low back pain including medical grade back braces LSO (L0631).

Work Comp Covers Back Braces
Over the counter back supports can be expensive if you purchase one in a store. You may also not be buying the correct back brace for your injury. In Pennsylvania, and most other states, work comp medical claims will cover medical grade back braces at 100% through an accredited supplier. Let get you the right back brace to relieve your pain at no cost to you.

Back Brace Can Help
If you suffer from occasional to constant back pain caused by a work injury, a Back Brace may help relieve your pain and help you regain your active lifestyle. A Back Brace can help with pain relief by providing support and stability while at work, home, or while on the go.

Simple Process
If you are suffering from low back pain caused by a work injury our process is simple. Go to and complete the online patient forms. Our team will evaluate and process the forms.
In a few short days you can receive a medical grade back brace directly to your doorstep for free!

Check out to learn how a back brace may help alleviate your pain. Our simple online process could have you feeling great in no time.

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