Back Brace Can Be Approved Through Work Comp?

Injured at Work?
Were you or a loved one involved in a work injury? Are you experiencing back pain from this work comp injury? Do you want to experience pain relief and support at home or while on the go? The answer maybe a lumbar Back Brace through is a leading supplier of back braces and supports for work comp injuries in Pennsylvania. offers a wide variety of back braces from the top brands to provide you with pain relief and support.

Back Brace at No Cost to You!
If you were involved in a work comp injury, and are experiencing back pain, you may be eligible to receive a back brace at no cost. Back braces, supports, and other pain relief products are a benefit for injured workers and work comp injuries in PA. A back brace can be available to you at little or no cost through can usually get you or a loved one approved for a back brace and get you the pan relief and support you deserve in a few short days.

How Can I Get a Back Brace?
When you have back pain the last thing you want to do is go through a complicated, long process to get a back brace. No one wants a hassle! makes getting a work comp approved back brace fast, easy, and free. offers an easy to use, online process, so you get pain relief quick and efficient. Don’t wait any longer! If you have back pain. And it was caused by a work comp accident in Pennsylvania, go to Everything is online. Fill out the easy to use “patient forms”. One of the directens team members will review your information, and contact you if any additional information is needed. Don’t worry! Our team will handle any authorization or approval from your work comp insurance. After being approved you can expect your hassle free, no cost back brace in just a few short days delivered to your door.

Check Out!
For all your work comp pain relief needs. Go to and check out our DME line of products including back braces, TENS, EMS, conductive garments, etc. Don’t live with back pain!

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