Benefits of cervical traction

Cervical traction devices treat different types and causes of neck pain, tension, and tightness. Cervical traction helps to relax the muscles, which can significantly relieve pain and stiffness while increasing flexibility. It’s also used to treat and flatten bulging or herniated disks. It can alleviate pain from joints, sprains, and spasms. It’s also used to treat neck injuries, pinched nerves, and whiplash.

Cervical traction devices work by stretching the spinal vertebrae and muscles to relieve pressure and pain. Force or tension is used to stretch or pull the head away from the neck. Creating space between the vertebrae relieves compression and allows the muscles to relax. This lengthens or stretches the muscles and joints around the neck.

These improvements may lead to improved mobility, range of motion, and alignment. This will allow you to go about your daily activities with greater ease.

Cervical traction can be performed in a clinic, and there are some good at home traction products available.  Our office recommends the use of Posture Pump, or Neck Hammock for home therapy.

Go to and discuss with one of our doctors if neck traction may be right for you.

Eric Homa

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