Best TENS Units for Back Pain

There are numerous TENS units available on the market.  It maybe up for debate which one is the BEST, but it can be argued that one may stand out above the rest. TENS 3000.  4 factors lead me to this decision: 1. unit efficiency  2. durability  3. productivity  4. reliability.  The TENS 3000 ranks #1 in these categories. 

The TENS 3000 unit by Roscoe Medical provides non-invasive, drug-free electrotherapy for the treatment of joint and muscle pain. It delivers painless electrical impulses that target the nerves and help relieve chronic and acute pain.

Because TENS 3000 is such an effective product, it is  top seller for worker’s compensation and auto injury clients.

Through injured workers and auto injury victims can get their own TENS 3000 and other at home pain relief products at little or no cost.

Go to and learn how to receive at home pain relief products with our easy to use online process, delivered directly to you.

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