Neck Traction Cervical Traction System (E0941)

Cervical traction system relieves neck stiffness and discomfort. Decompresses cervical joints and reshapes natural curvature. Great for those patients with whiplash injuries, forward head posture, neck sprains strains, cervical disc herniations and more. Helps reduce and mitigate headache symptoms. Help speed recovery and correct posture. For the neck unit, all you do is rest your head in the cushioned straps, adjust for comfort, and let the weight of your head and shoulders gently start the pain-relieving decompression action. patented bungee technology creates a safe pull of up to 167 lbs, offering one of the only at-home traction devices that can decompress without medical assistance. Results similar to clinical traction devices. Remote doctor monitoring available.  Treatment protocol provided.   Prescription only.

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