What Our Patients Say

“I was injured at work and had a lot of back pain! Go-Telehealth.com was able to get me an orthopedic back brace right away. I am very pleased with the service and care. The customer service was fabulous! I’d recommend them to anyone.”

Maria J.

"The team member I dealt with was phenomenal.  She gave me a clear understanding on how to use my TENS unit and conductive neck wrap.  What a big difference
is making in my recovery!"

Sean S.

"Go to their site. Fill out the questionnaire. Talk to the doc. Get better at home! What more can you ask for?"

Michael B.

“After going to the website and answering a few questions I was able to speak with the doctor on my iphone.  I received my TENS unit and traction in a few days.  I use the products everyday and it has helped a lot. I didn’t even know these products were available to someone injured in an accident.”

Tonya J.

“My client was unable to keep her scheduled doctor’s appointments. Go-Telehealth.com was able to provide her with at home therapeutic products using their telehealth system. The process was simple, and she is doing wonderful!”

Brian K.

"I applaud Go-Telehealth.com for their ability to not only provide patients with a seamless prescription process via phone, but also their ability to supply a wide variety of products to patients in an efficient manner. My patients really benefit from the DME products. They are a good addition to my office treatments"

Dr. Miguel S. M.D.

After an Auto or Work Injury,

Finding pain relief shouldn't be an obstacle course. We Make it Simple.

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