Risk of Whiplash

In whiplash or Cervical Acceleration / Deceleration injuries (CAD), we want to know about the risk of being injured in any given rear impact or other low speed collision.

There are a number of occupant and crash variables that will come into play in each particular case, and knowing the relative risks contributed or mitigated by these variables will allow a doctor to assess each patient’s risk individually.  Some of these factors include age, vehicle type, location in vehicle, head/neck position, speed, road condition, and gender.

However, from an epidemiological standpoint, we might wonder just what percentage of rear impact crashes actually result in injury on a population basis.  According to the NTSB, there are more than 1.7 million rear-end crashes, resulting in 500,000 injured people, each year.  This is a significant number of injuries, and unfortunately, a large number of these injured persons go untreated.

It is important to be evaluated by a doctor following a car accident. Injuries need to be assessed so proper treatment can be prescribed.

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Mosey Haines

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