How do I make my TENS unit pads sticky again?

Correcting TENS Pads That Won’t Stick

TENS units are a home therapeutic modality which are used to help reduce pain. They are often prescribed in work accidents and motor vehicle accidents, to reduce symptoms, and reduce the use of medication. TENS are usually used on injuries to the neck, low back, shoulder, knee, and ankle. Typically, TENS unit protocols call for multiple uses on a daily basis. When a patient uses a TENS unit over and over again the TENS pads tend to become dry and don’t stick anymore. How do you make the pads sticky again if you run out of extra pads? Or didn’t order enough pads? For additional TENS pads refer to our website

TENS Unit Use

TENS units are designed to be used multiple times. When using a TENS unit it is important to clean your skin before applying the electrode or pads. Place the electrodes over the affected region following instructions from your prescribing doctor. If you are unsure where to place the electrodes check out “An Easy Guide To TENS Pain Relief” on our website, When using pads multiple time, the issue always is what happens when these pads become un-sticky? How do you make them sticky again?

How to Clean TENS Unit Pads

Every TENS device require pads/electrodes that stick to your skin. These pads can sometimes get dirty, and become un-sticky. This can happen for many reasons, but most commonly it’s due to not cleaning your skin properly before applying the pads as the debris on your skin and your body’s natural oils can take away from the pads stickiness. 

*Before Applying Tens Unit*

Clean your skin with soap and water and dry skin completely

*If The Pads Feel Less Sticky*

 Remove any debris on pads

 Spray lightly with a mixture 1 part water/ 1 part rubbing alcohol

 Lightly rub sticky sides of pads together for 10 seconds


TENS Wipes

If the above home remedy is not effective, TENS wipes are always a good option. TENS wipes look similar to “wet wipes” you often find in restaurants to be used after dinner. TENS wipes are made with a unique blend of cleaner which can be used to prep your skin and clean the electrode surfaces.

Electrodes Need Replacement

You should also realize that sometimes, TENS pads just have their adhesive dry out. This is expected over time and requires you to replace the pads, as cleaning them will do little good. TENS pads can also be over-saturated due to sweating or high humidity. When additional electrodes are needed, always return to We offer replacement electrode and TENS supply in 3, 6, 12 month kits.

Electrode Gels For Tens Units

The gel is applied to the electrode pads and it helps them in conducting pulse to the skin. Many users report that they extend the life of old pads by using electrode gels. The electrode gel may help the pads last longer but keep in mind it is not a replacement of getting new pads. Learn more on electrode gels at is a leading DME supplier for work comp and personal injury patients. We offer a wide variety of pain relief products including TENS, EMS, electrodes, battery chargers, conductive garments, back braces, knee braces.  Our website offers an easy to use online ordering system for work comp/personal injury patients, their doctors, or attorney.  Check it out today and get the at home pain relief you need and deserve.  TENS free of charge!  No delivery Fee!  Direct to your door step!



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