Texas Worker’s Compensation Medical Benefits

Your insurance carrier will pay for work-related treatment

If you are injured or become ill at work, you may be able to get medical benefits that pay for necessary medical care. Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier pays these medical benefits to the health care provider who provides your medical treatment.

The insurance carrier will not pay to treat other injuries or illnesses, even if they are treated at the same time as your work-related treatment.

Here’s where Directens fits in!  We offer worker’s compensation physicians which meet with you via smartphone.  The doctor can prescribe the necessary at home pain relief products and services. The pain relief products are then delivered to your doorstep.  We work with the insurance carrier to receive payment.  There’s never a cost to you.

Our system allows injured workers to heal at home, without ever stepping foot in a doctor’s office.  If you’re injured at work, don’t wait! Go to www.directens.com, click ‘get started’.

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