Best TENS units for Back Pain

What is the Best TENS unit out there?

Are you looking for the best of the best for TENS stimulating units?  There are thousands of units on the market today.  It can be tough choosing the right one. A lot of questions arise with so many options available: Which unit is the best for back pain?  Is there one better for neck pain?  Can I use the same unit for knee pain and shoulder pain?  Units available over-the-counter vs. prescription strength? Are combo units better?  Which one lasts the longest? Can my wife use the same unit as me?  What does a TENS unit cost? Look no farther than right here.


Let Us Do the Work for You!

At, we offer the most unique and exclusive system for work comp patients and auto accident victims in the USA!  We have the most technically advanced Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) on the market today.  All our units are prescription strength and have been approved by the medical physicians. Our units are used by 100s of 1000s of injured workers and crash victims nation wide.  And get this.  We can get you the best unit on the market at NO COST TO YOU and FREE DELIVERY.


Doctors Choice

There are numerous articles on the internet on which TENS unit is the best.  The truth is, these articles are not telling the whole story.  Each TENS unit is unique and was developed for a specific illness or condition.  The challenge is matching each patient with the correct TENS unit.  A unit that relieves your neighbors back pain, may not help with your whiplash symptoms.  Here’s how helps.  We have a hand selected staff of medical doctors who have been trained in DME (durable medical equipment) products. They are experts in TENS use, indications, and red flags.  Our skilled staff will work hand in hand with your treating doctor and your insurance company to ensure you get the BEST TENS UNIT FOR YOU!  Did I mention you will get your TENS unit FREE if you are a work comp or auto accident victim.


Directens Process

We offer the first and only 100% online system for TENS units and other home pain relief products.  If you or a loved one was injured at work (work comp) or was involved in an auto accident (personal injury), WE CAN HELP.  Here’s how it works: 1.  Go to  2. Complete patient forms online.  3. Have your treating doctor complete doctor form.  That’s it!  The process will take less than 20 minutes.  Directens will handle the rest.  In a few short days you will receive a prescription strength TENS unit at NO COST and FREE DELIVERY  to your door step.


Go to for all your DME needs.  We offer TENS, EMS, LSO, knee braces, shoulder braces, back braces, conductive garments, ankle braces, and other pain relief supplies.pennsylvania Tens Unit Back Pain ManagementTens Unit Back Pain

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